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as though the environment is tough enough to come up with a different fund that fits a different profile of the pension funds. >> i think there's a big shift from defined benefit to defined contribution. making liquidity within the sector critical. by its liquid nature that's an illiquid asset. when you are moving into that side, you need to have different products available. >> what different products? i don't know what you mean when you say innovation. >> the majority of private equity firms are ten year funds. they invest and then divest over the remainder. the top funds still continue to raise that money. brand names, the top performing. if you're going to make an investment for ten years, you have to be sure that you're backing the top, top quality managers. the other managers that haven't had successful -- when i'm talking about successful, you're not in the top quarter. how are people innovating, deal by deal? they're raising money on a single deal going out to investors and raising money. you see the canadian pension funds, etc., building up that direct investment team to be able
environment. they all thought that the fed was going to act and that interest rates were going to go up. over the next year, that's going to happen, right? so to me, the real question is what happens when interest rates go up? they're going to continue to be aggressive. so me, the important question is, if interest rates are going up for the right robe, which is the economy is coming back and confidence is coming back, that means that they are going to be aggressive in going after growth. it's a whole game of confidence. it's coming back. >> and just quickly, you're not worried about there being a credit bubble? >> you never know whether you're in a bubble until the very end. that's the problem with bubbles. it goes back to the fundamentals of those companies. the corporate balance sheets are in great shape. is credit flowing to mid corporates, to small businesses, etcetera, etcetera, and the answer is probably not as much as we would like to see. so, look, i think like any of those credit bubble is in the past, we need to be extremely careful about those. we all need to be very cognizant tha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2